5.56×45mm Subsonic Ammunition

All Goldstar Subsonic ammunition is loaded on new commercial brass using top-quality OEM propellants and US-made primers and projectiles. Please note that Goldstar Subsonic ammunition has specific twist rate requirements (listed below).

We recommend that all customers initially test their ammunition with the firearm’s suppressor removed to ensure proper functioning before using Goldstar Subsonic ammunition with your suppressor attached. If you have any questions regarding whether your firearm is suitable for use with Goldstar Subsonic ammunition, please contact us.

5.56mm 75gr OTM Subsonic
• Muzzle-velocity
• 1000 fps from 16” S&W Military & Police AR15
• REQUIRES 1:7 twist barrel
• packaged in quantities of 20 cartridges


Because of its reduced velocity, Goldstar subsonic ammunition will deliver a different trajectory than conventional (supersonic) ammunition. With a 50/200 yard battle zero on an AR15 type rifle, Goldstar subsonic ammunition’s point of impact vary 2-3 inches from conventional supersonic ammunition out to 100 yards. Please note that subsonic ammunition will not cycle the action on most AR15 type rifles without an adjustable gas block – the ammunition will function properly, but the rifle’s action will need to be manually cycled in order to extract the fired cartridge and chamber the next round.